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"MY KITCHEN IS DIFFERENT than most kitchens. Lots of chefs go to the store to buy preserved and packaged food to write their menus. We try to do everything from scratch. Let me share my food wisdom with you and your guests to cater your next event!"
My wife, Michelle, can help you plan your next event or theme party!
Recent comments from clients:
 "The Dharma Center hut transformed into Ras Rody's Kitchen...you can almost imagine being in Negril."
"Wonderful flavors and textures. Excellent dinner and wonderful friends... Thank you Ras and Michelle"

Menu items we have offered in the past include:
curried chick peas
stewed red beans
turned cornmeal
Rasta Succotash
red beans & rice
pumpkin & Jamaican squash soup
festival cornbread with ripe bananas
fried plantains
steamed calalloo
desserts: sweet potato pudding, coconut grater cake, Jamaican fruit rum cake
Blue Mountain Coffee
Fresh natural juices with ingredients you can actually pronounce, like: beet, carrot, ginger, nutmeg, apple!


*upon special request for catering only, we will prepare: fish done in various styles: grilled, jerked, escoveitched, brown stew as well as Jerk Chicken. Just ask!
"My food is cooked slowly especially in soups— my most famous dishes. Coconut is the most important ingredient as it enhances the creamy texture in my soups. You cannot cook fast with the coconut; you have to take time so that you can derive all of its protein. The longer the soup simmers, the more nutritional and community value the food develops. Let me share my food wisdom with you and your guests to cater your next event!"

Located in Dunedin, Florida near Tampa!

Contact us at: infoveganrasrody@gmail.com or (505) 385-3011 for your event!

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