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Tampa-area Farmer's Market Schedule

"When I spend the day collecting ingredients and
cooking food, I interact with so many people along
the way. I have a local network of people, local
farmers and tourists alike who share in
my natural  lifestyle. The shared meal is the essence
of my stand. It provides an open space for discussion, a classroom for those yearning to discover a new
organic lifestyle. Together, we eject the fastness.
Let's slow down to enjoy a refreshing fruit juice or savor a comforting vegetable soup."

Gulfport Fresh Market


9AM - 2PM (June- Sept)
9AM - 3PM (Oct-May)

Madeira Beach Market Wednesdays 9AM - 2PM (Oct.-June)
Dunedin Downtown Market Fri. & Sat.

9AM - 2PM (Nov.-June)

"Simply put, we believe in each other, in our products, in our communities.  
We source locally and we supply locally."
Corey Avenue Market - St. Petersburg Sundays 10AM - 2PM (Oct.-April)

My food varies depending on the produce available. But I usually have stews, breads, and sips(soups), veggie medleys, steamed calalloo, that you can eat right here, or take home a family-style meal.
Typical items I serve at the market are:
curried chick peas
stewed red beans
turned cornmeal
Rasta succotash
...and I always feature a fresh, natural juice! Ginger, beet-carrot-nutmeg, apple-carrot.

My famous red bean and squash soup is available for sale in bulk for your dining at home pleasure!
Quarts/Gallons/and even canned in glass jars.

Located in Dunedin, Florida near Tampa!

Contact us at: infoveganrasrody@gmail.com or (505) 385-3011 for your event!

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